Addu Women’s Association (AWA) was initiated by one of the founding members, Juwariya Wajdy as an informal Facebook group. Recently, however, in association with Dr Mariyam Shakeela AWA has accelerated its efforts with new energy and new vision, and as a formal non-profit organisation, it aims to create a platform for Addu women to attain empowerment in all spheres of their life. Through its efforts AWA will address the need to empower women of Addu and facilitate opportunities for their growth.

As founder members; Dr Shakeela and Juwariya Wajdy will continue to play a vital role in decision making offering necessary support and assistance to the Executive Members and be responsible for the smooth functioning of AWA to achieve its objectives.

Strong, economically independent, confident and empowered Addu women.


To seek various opportunities for training and development of Addu women to their full potential and create a sustainable, conducive platform for them to benefit from their training and skills and eventually participate with confidence and competence within the society and contribute towards national development.


The purpose of this non-profit organization is to educate, create awareness, facilitate developmental opportunities and work towards empowerment and overall development of Addu Women irrespective of where they live within Maldives. In this regard the following activities will be conducted.

  • Conduct targeted, specific awareness programs.
  • Conduct confidence building and Self-development programs.
  • Teach English to enable them to read and write and understand at least the very basic English.
  • To conduct workshops and training programs to develop computer literacy.
  • To develop at least one income generating skill for those without any such skill.
  • To train home based workers in basic business skills so that they can turn their home based work into a systematic business.
  • Create awareness in diversified fields for women who are engaged in work.
  • To conduct skill building programs for those women interested in developing new skills.
  • To train women in marketing skills and assist them to find appropriate markets for their products.
  • Help organise workshops and exhibitions and encourage participation.
  • Seek and facilitate opportunities for Addu women to participate in overseas exhibitions or seminars.
  • Conduct programs and facilitate opportunities to develop business and creativity skills of Addu Women.
  • Organise at least one fair annually to display and sell products of Addu Women.
  • Facilitate an annual award to celebrate Addu women’s success in handicraft and various fairs.